Hello sailors!

We are introducing the Secret Shop.

Secret Shop is an in-game shop where you can buy items by paying with in-game tokens.

Periodically limited or unlimited different items will appear in the Secret Shop.

Limited items will appear in the Secret Shop at random times, i.e. they can appear at any time. The number of claims is limited.

Mystery Chest



A Tank is a large receptacle for holding Oil (FUEL). When registering, the player receives 500 oil in the tank.

Durability. This index indicates the durability of asset (ship or oil rig), each asset has a different durability index. The asset that has durability index equals to 0 is not lost.

In mining process, the tank will be decreased, to recover it players must refill it. 1 Tank index = 1 Oil in-game token. Also ship’s durability index will be decreased, to recover it players must repair their asset. 1 Durability index = 1 Dublon (for ships) or Wood (for oil rigs) in-game token.





Oil Rigs are NFTs that can be obtained from chests or by crafting. Only oil rigs can produce Fuel, which is used by all ships in the game.

Owners of oil rigs can collect Fuel and trade it on the Alcor exchange or use it to refuel ships.

In order to maintain oil rigs, you need to repair them by spending DUB tokens.

There are two types of oil rigs:

Small Oil Rig

Small Oil Rig

Rarity: Rare

Level: 3

Charge Time: 12 hours

Reward: 49 Oil



Maritime Territory is a limited edition NFT that can only be obtained from the “Territory Chest”. Each territory has unique coordinates (x, y).

Total number of territories — 360.

There are 5 levels of maritime territories:

  1. Common (180 pcs.)
  2. Uncommon (96 pcs.)
  3. Rare (48 pcs.)
  4. Epic (24 pcs.)
  5. Legendary (12 pcs.)

The higher the level of the territory, the greater the production of DUB or WRECK tokens in that territory.

Owners of maritime territories receive a commission on DUB or WRECK tokens that are mined in their maritime territory.

The commission for mining DUB or WRECK tokens is set by the owners of the territories themselves. It can be 0-20%.

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